Michelle Bruce
jewellery designer

Handmade copper, sterling and brass jewellery



Michelle enjoys the challenge of working with wire, metal, semi precious stones and glass beads to create unique and functional jewellery.

About Wired Gems by M

Based out of Maynooth, Ontario, Wired Gems by M uses mixed metals and unusual stones to make unique and fun jewelry! Michelle makes all her pieces using the finest quality products and employs both traditional and experimental techniques in their creation. Some of the worst mistakes end up being the most unique pieces!

About Michelle Bruce

Mostly self taught, Michelle has been making jewelry for almost 10 years.

Growing up in southwestern Ontario, Michelle went on weekend camping trips with her family. These trips inspired a love of geology and nature.

Escaping the city life 20 years ago and moving up to a log cabin on a 100 acres of woods facilitated her artistic license. Michelle originally worked with stained glass and then became more inspired by the variety and depth of bead work.

In 2004, she opened a retail art gallery showcasing her work as well as the work of several potters and fellow glass-workers. She is now focusing her time exploring metalwork and wire-work. 

Michelle's work is now available through her website, during the Bancroft and Area Studio Tour and at various craft shows throughout Ontario.